Amy's Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming 

Welcome to Amy's Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming Website!

I'm a Veterinary Technician in Portland, Maine with ten years of mobile grooming experience, and even more pet sitting experience.

When choosing a pet sitter over a kennel, you are freeing your pet from the unhappiness of spending countless hours of their day in a cage, surrounded by loud animals and strange people. You are also keeping them free of the risks of encountering parasites, viruses, and bacterial diseases from the other animals, as well as fight inflicted wounds.

When you use my services, there's no need to load your pet up on unnecessary vaccines to satisfy the kennel or salon requirements, as a valid rabies shot is all that I require for my own protection.

When you choose a mobile groomer over a traditional drop off salon, you get to be present and see that your pet is being treated humanely and with dignity, as well as to see them become even more beautiful right before your eyes. You also eliminate the risk of your dog or cat catching a disease or parasite from other animals at the groomers.

If you have never used a Pet Sitter or Mobile Groomer before, please review my services, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, or request my services.